During the Kakatiyas  reign  the Capital of their kingdom was named as ‘’ORUGALLU’’  or Ekashila Nagar i.e.  The Fort  Was built with a single compact stone and  later on,  it is called as  ‘’Warangal’.

The great Kakatiya, Telugu king Ganapati Deva has constructed Pakhal lake in the deepest forest area for the future uses of farmland for agriculture purpose. Now approximately 3Lakh Acres of the area is surviving under it. Kakatiya rulers have lot of future plannings to make people’s lives better. They used so many kinds of engineering technologies in the constructions..they built Ramappa temple on a lake, as well as thousand pillars temples at Hanamkonda is constructed on sand land and still surviving for past thousand years and they will be standing so strongly other 2 to 3 thousand years so proudly after our generation.