Haritha Kakatiya Hotel in Warangal City has been built to handle maximum tourist flow to the city of Warangal and other adjoining regions. This hotel is managed by the Telangana Tourism Department. The hotel is maintained well where hygiene gets highest priority. The rooms are cleaned regularly and the interiors are well created to give a pleasant feel to tourists. The grandeur of the halls and lobby indicate the richness of Kakatiya Empire.

Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC) offers luxurious, comfortable and world-class accommodation with its Haritha chain of hotels and resorts all over the state. These resorts are well maintained and reliable with many amenities for the comfort of tourists. The modern ambience and the excellent facilities offered by Telangana Tourism makes the journey of tourists pleasant and memorable.

In addition to this, several other hotels such as Hotel Radhika, Hotel Suprabha, Hotel LandMark, Hotel Ratna and Hotel Ashoka offer good accommodation in Warangal.

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