Legal Metrology


The Department of Legal Metrology enforces the Legal Metrology Act 2009 and Legal Metrology ( Packaged Commodities) Rules 2011. By which the department ensures standardization of weights and Measures used in trade and industry and protects the interests of Consumers from fraudulent use of Weight and Measures anf from charging excess price on packaged commodities. By enforcing packaged commodities Rules the legalized packaged commodities to be supplied to the consumers “ IN SPIRIT AND ACTION”. And protects the consumer rights with regard the information furnished to the consumer i.e. Name and Address of the Manufacturer/ Packers, identity of commodity, Net Content, Date of Packing , Max.Retail sale price, Consumer Care details, etc.

This department  re-verifies and stamps each and every weight, measures and weighing and measuring instruments pertaining to the trading community and industries in the district.

Initiating punitive action against the erring traders by imposing compounding fee and also filing the cases at court of law.

1.District inspector Legal Metrology Officer Warangal (Rural)         –      Sri S.Rajeshwar Rao.

Revenue  collected and cases detected during the last three years


Year Stamping fees in Rs. Compounding  fees in Rs. No.of cases booked
2015-16 23,19,785-00 20,18,000-00 258
2016-17( upto Dec-2016) 18,03,824-00 12,89,500-00 213