Forest Department


The District Forest Office, Warangal is newly formed District which is earlier know as Warangal Rural District.  The Warangal District is a part of erstwhile Warangal North and erstwhile Warangal South divisions.

  • The Total Forest consist of (7) R.F. Blocks, which are divided in to (83) Compartments.
  • The Geological setup of District is as follows.

An overall view:

  • Total Forest Area : 76 Ha.
  • Density wise Forest area in Ha.
  • Protected area of Pakhal wildlife Sanctuary : 12,231.41 Ha.
  • Encroachment area (Illicit cultivation) : 5,363.03 Ha.

         Tribals – 2905 No.s-8836.57 Acres

         Non-Tribals 1559 No.s-4415.5 Acres

  • RoFR Title deeds (1974 No.s) : 00 Acres