The Warangal was the ancient capital of kakatiyas dynasty, which was ruled by many kings such as1.Beta Raja-I 2.Prola Raja-I 3. Beta Raja –II 4. Prola Raja – II 5. Rudra Deva 6. Mahadeva 7) Ganapathi Deva 8) Pratapa Rudra and 9) Rani Rurdrama Devi, who was the only woman ruler in Andhra. The Kakatiyas left many monuments including the impressive Fortress, Four massive stone gateways, big Shivate temple and big lake. They built so many Shivate temples and big lakes for irrigation. After Kakatiyas, it came in the sway of Delhi Sultanate. The Nayaka Chieftains on capturing they ruled over for few years. After demise of the Nayakas, the Warangal became part of Bahmani suitanate of Golkonda. Later, it was annexed in Moghal empire in 1687 and it became a part of Hyderabad state in 1724. Lastly, it was joined in Govt. of free India in Sept,1948 . In 1956, the District of Warangal became a part of Andhra Pradesh under the State Reorganisation Act being telugu speaking region. After separate Telangana agitation, the Telangana State was formed on 2nd June, 2014 and Warangal became part of Telangana State. Again, after Re-organisation of Districts in Telangana State , the erstwhile District “Warangal’’ has been bifurcated into five Districts. Of which, Warangal (Rural) District is formed and came into

being wef 11th October,2016