Name of the District Officer            :           Smt. Padma

Designation                                            :           Dist. Cooperative Officer

Landline                                                  :           0870-2457939

E-Mailid                                                   : 

Address                                                   :           O/o District Cooperative officer, 2nd Floor of civil supplies Bhavan, Warangal Urban Dist.Collectorate Complex, Subedari, Hanamkonda                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Cluster Offices

GeesugondaB.Rekha,Asst.Registrar7995061807/9100627772ACTIVITIES: (A) Statutory

  • Registration of Coop.Societies both in TSCS Act,1964 & MACS Act,1995
  • Conduct of Elections to the Coop.Socs.
  • Conduct of Audit to all types of Coop.Soct.
  • Inspection of all Coop.Socs., other than Weavers & Fisheries.
  • Inquire of all Coop.Socs. other than weavers and Fisheries.
  • Surcharge Notices/Orders & Execution of EPs
  • Liquidation of Coop.Socs.

(B) Non- Statutory

  •  Monitoring of Fertilisers, Pesticides & seed business and other commodities
  • Supervision of Credit & Non- Credit business in PACS & Other Societies
  • Mointoring of Development programs in PACS & MACS Societies
  • Paddy & Maize procurement in PACS/MACS on Commission Basis
  • Haritha Haaram program in PACS & MACS Socs
  • Other works entrusted by the Higher Authorities /District Administration.
Cluster H.Qtrs Cluster  incharge
Duggondi B.Laxman,Asst.Registrar
Narsampet C.Srimala, Asst.Registrar
Nekkonda G.Keeru  Naik,Asst.Registrar