School Education

School Education

The School Education Department comprising of Primary and Secondary stages, aims at imparting minimum and essential general education to all the children in the age group of 6-15 years and to equip them with necessary competencies to shape them as useful and productive citizens. Telangana has adopted the national pattern of education i.e. 10+2+3. Out of 10 years of schooling, the first 5 years i.e. Classes I to V constitute the Primary stage, the next two years i.e., Class VI & VII the Upper Primary stage and the remaining 3 years i.e., Classes VIII to X, the Secondary stage.

The main objectives of the School Education Department is:-

  • Universalisation of Elementary Education
  • Universalisation of Secondary Education

To meet the above objectives, the department has taken up the following activities:

  • To enroll all the children in the age group of 6-15 years
  • To provide early childhood education to the children in the age group of 3-5 years
  • To provide quality education up to class X
  • After bifurcating of district, the SSA has been brought under the control of the District Educational Officer.
  • At Mandal Level, Mandal Educational Officers (MEOs) are the field functionaries.
  • They are the Inspecting Officers for Primary and Upper Primary Schools in their Mandals.


S. No. ITEM Number
1. No. of Mandals 15
2. No. of MRCs 15
3. No. of School complexes 44
4. Total No. of Schools 913
5. Total No.of Sanctioned posts 3066
6. Percentage of Enrollment 99.9
6. Total Out of School Children 115
7. SSC Results in March-2016 95.41%


Category of the school State Govt. Local Body Pvt. Aided KGBV Model school Total Pvt. Total TWREIS/
SWR`EIS TGREIS BCWREIS Un-recognized Madarsas Total
1 Primary 1 454 4     459 19 478 12         3 493
2 Upper Primary 2 74 2     78 62 140 1       5   146
3 High Schools 2 131 2 12 6 153 112 265 2 4 1 1 1   274
  Total 5 659 8 12 6 690 193 883 15 4 1 1 6 3 913


Category of the school State Govt. Local Body Pvt. Aided KGBV Model school Total Pvt. Total TWREIS/
SWR`EIS TGREIS BCWREIS Un-recognized Madarsas Total
1 Primary 0 20434 134     20568 1797 22365 156         139 22660
2 Upper Primary 155 5263 181     5599 8742 14341 62       562   14965
3 High Schools 277 20457 160 2328 2369 25591 34041 59632 873 1909 402 531 53   63400
  Total 432 46154 475 2328 2369 51758 44580 96338 1091 1909 402 531 615 139 101025

Major Schemes/Programmes under implementation:

  1. Mid Day Meals Scheme: The Midday Meal Scheme is a  School meals programme of the Government designed to improve the nutritional status of school-age children nationwide. The programme provides mid-day-meals on working days for the children in primary and upper primary classes in government, government aided, local body Schools. Totally 678 Schools are covered under MDM Scheme and 49430 Children are availing MDM in the schools.
  2. Sarva Shikha Abhiyan(SSA): It is being implemented as a centrally sponsored scheme since 2001 to  achieve Universal Elementary Education. After the passage of RTE Act 2009, the Scheme has become the special vehicle to implement the provisions of RTE Act. The main objectives are
  • Opening of Schools and providing infrastructure to the new and existing schools.
  • Providing in service training to the teachers.
  • Running Special training centers to Out of School Children.
  • Release of grants to schools for maintenance and conduct of other activities.
  • Implementing Special programmes for Children with Special Needs.
  • Training of Community leaders and community mobilization.
  • Supply of two pairs of Uniforms up to elementary level(Class 8th).
  • Recruitment of teachers in new schools and in existing schools as per the norms of Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act.
  • Support to Madrasas for imparting formal education to minority children. Etc..
  1. Kasthurba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas(KGBVs): These schools are established as part of SSA in the year 2004-05 to provide Education to the Girls children belonging to predominantly SC,ST, BC and minorities with boarding facility. There are 12 KGBVs functioning in the district with an enrollment of 2328.
  2. Rastriya Madyamika ShikshaAbhiyan(RMSA): This is a centrally sponsored scheme being implemented from the Academic year 2009-10 to make secondary Education of good quality accessible ,affordable to all young persons in the age group of 15-16 years. The main activities of the Scheme are:
  • Sanction of Additional Teachers in High Schools
  • Release of grants to High Schools.
  • Conduct of in service training to the teachers of High Schools.
  • Organizing various programmes like Book fairs, Special trainings to children , Kalautsav, and girls oriented activities like martial arts, empowerment programmes, training on vocational trades.
  • Training of School Management Committees.
  • Implementation of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in high schools.
  • Supply of Laboratory equipment, kits, Library books, Vocational training material etc.
  • Providing scholar ships to SC and ST girls.
  1. Model Schools:  It is a centrally sponsored scheme was Started in the year  2010-11 to establish Model schools in Educationally Backward mandals to provide quality secondary level education to the talented children belonging to the rural areas on par with Navodaya Schools. There are six model schools established in the district. Model Schools will have classes from VI to XII, each class having two sections with following state syllabus. Medium of instruction in these schools is English.There are  6 model schools functioning in the district.
  2. Girls Hostels: There are six girls hostels established in the premises of Model schools with an intake capacity of 600 girls @100 per Hostel providing boarding and accomidation facilities to the Girls studying in model schools.