Tourist Places

Pakhal Lake, situated amidst undulating forest land hills and dales is a popular retreat for the tourists. The lake constructed around 1213 A.D. by Kakatiyan Ruler, Ganapatideva is spread over an area of 30 km2., provides a beautiful site. Set around the shores of this lake is the Pakhal Wild Life Sanctuary with an area of 839 km2. It is a dense forest shelter for a variety of fauna.

The sanctuary harbors mammals which include the nilgai, chital, leopard, jackal, sloth bear, porcupine, langoor, bonnet macaque, and reptiles like the python, cobra, russell’s viper, common krait, monitor lizard, indian chameleon, and occasionally, marsh crocodiles. Fishes of the lake include Botcha, Rohu, Jella, Chandamama, Naayanikuntha, Peraka, Poomeenu, Korramatta, Kodipe, Kailam, &c. belonging to at least 6 orders of freshwater fishes.